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Need any essential oils ?    Think "Flora of Madagascar" - FLORAMAD Producer Exporter


in brief

FLORAMAD - Essential and vegetable oils producer in Madagascar.

Flora of Madagascar aims to emphasize the richness of the Island’s Flora by promoting essential and vegetable oils extracted from plants :Essential oil of YlangYlang/Black pepper/ Rosemary Cannelle/Clove/Ginger/Eucalyptus citriodora...

Our vision

Flora of Madagascar, main supplier of extracts of aromatic and/or medicinal plants from Madagascar (essential and vegetable oils).

Our mission

Sustainably produce essential and vegetable oils for different uses (food, aromatherapy, cosmetic and perfumery, herbal therapy).

Our Partners

ylang ylang flowers

Alembic distilleries

Our expertise

Essential oils :

Essential oils are produced from water steam distillation without chemical product, and under low pressure.


Vegetable oils :

Vegetable oils are produced from seeds pressure at low temperature (cold pressure).